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May 2022

We are pleased to announce that our new Community Room has been renovated and now available for hire.  Once again, and throughout the building we have had to renew all the woodwork due to wood weevil damage in this room - renewing the timber floor joist and laid a new floor.  We also had to renew part of the wall between the small hall and this room as we discovered that the supporting beam between the halls was again rotted due to our wood weevil.  The room has been replastered and two new windows on the north side of the building has been reinstated which makes the room bright and welcoming for all users.


itsuite finished-1.jpeg
itsuite finished.jpeg

September 2021

We have now successfully renewed our main entrance hallway by renewing all the timber joists which were riddled with weevil damage and laid new vinyl flooring.  Our work is still ongoing of course depending upon fund raising to replace all the damaged wood flooring and wood paneling in the building.  Please continue to support the centre to enable us to keep this for the residents of Seghill and surrounding area.

IMG-20210821-WA0010 main hallway-2.jpg
IMG-20210823-WA0002 main hallway.jpg
20210828_090756 entrance hall.jpg

April 2021 - Our centre from April 12 can welcome back our children activities, please see our Facebook page for up to date information.  We have in place Sanitiser Gel at both entrances and disinfectant spray and wipes to ensure that we remain Covid secure. 

Latest News - August 2019

Our new kitchen is now ready to be used with a new floor and new kitchen units.   Many thanks to Banks Community Fund and the National Lottery Awards for All for their kind donations towards the cost of this refurbishment.

Latest News - February 2019

Work has now commenced on the replacement of the large hall roof, this should take around 10 weeks to complete and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Users of the large hall have been informed and moved to either the small hall or our meeting room whilst the work is being undertaken.

We wish to thank Garfield Weston Anniversary Fund for their kind donation of £70,000 towards the replacement, and Northumberland Community Chest and Community Foundation for organising the short fall in our funding through the John Bell Group.  Without the generosity of these organisations we would not be able to replace this roof.

Once completed the whole building will now be watertight and back to its former look after the fire in the 1940's, insulation will also be included in the roof space to make this much warmer throughout the winter months.

Work has also been undertaken to replace the meeting room floor, as the wall plates keeping the floor in place had corroded and wood worm in the joist, this has now been replaced and we have a new floor and our community elf has painted part of the wall removing the pink to make it a more pleasing to the eye.

small hall renovation picture - 3.jpg
Latest News - January 2019
small hall renovation picture - 2.jpg
The work on renewing the Asbestos Corrugated Roof on the Institute will be commencing in March and will take approximately 12 weeks to complete.  The scaffolding is due to be erected week beginning 4th February.
The roof will be replaced with tiles and will be back to its former look after the fire in the 1940's when the original mine owners replaced the roof with Asbestos Corrugate roofing.  
Once the roof is completed this will make the whole of the building water tight and we will then try and organised funds to repair the walls and flooring of the large hall, together with the other work we are hoping to undertake over the next year.
Latest News - April 2018

Latest News - October 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant of £70,000 from Garfield Weston Anniversary Fund to enable us to replace the Asbestos Corrugated Roof on East View side of our building.  Many thanks to Garfield Weston as without this grant we would not be able to complete the replacement and making our building water tight.

We are pleased to announce that we have successfully obtained a Defibrillator for our community and is sited on the right side of the porch.  Many thanks to everyone who supported this project with special thanks to Northumberland County Council, Coty and North East Hearts with Goals.  This has now been registered with the Northumberland Ambulance Service for the benefit of the whole of Seghill.

Latest New - February 2018

The centre had to undertake urgent repairs to the Large Hall by replacing part of the flooring.  It was noticed that the wall and floor was parting company on the left hand side of the hall.  We therefore had to remove a 3foot section down the hall and replace flooring joists which had rotted away and then relay flooring.  

We had to re-allocated many of the groups who used the large hall without too much inconvenience, but also had to ask a few group not to hold their weekly meeting.

We are pleased that the floor was replaced within five days and all the groups are now able to use the large hall.  Many thanks to Carl and his team for their very efficient and excellent workmanship in repairing the floor.

Latest News  - November 2017

You will have no doubt seen that the re-slating of our roof has now been completed with the scaffolding being removed this week.

Our grateful thanks go to all the organisations - Northumberland Community Chest, Northumberland Freemasons and a national Grant Organisation who does not wish to be mentioned and members of the public who have contributed in whatever way raising much needed funds to enable this to happen.

We also like to thank Bespoke Building & Roofing Services for their excellent work on the re-slating.


We still need much needed funds to enable us to replace the corrugated asbestos roof part of the building, so please do keep on helping us in our fund raising efforts and drop in for our coffee mornings on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday's between 8.45am and 1.00pm and events that we are undertaking.   

We are now on The Giving Machine, please help us raise much needed funds for our 'raise the roof appeal' by going through The Giving Machine when you buy on line.  Lots of companies and shops use this service.

Latest News - October 2017

As you will have already seen, work is progressing on the re-slating of the roof and within the next week (by the 18th October), the work will have been completed and the Institute will finally be water tight and we can then commence on rewiring the electrical system which needs updating.  Our grateful thanks go to Bespoke Building Services NE Ltd who have done a wonderful job on the re-slating - all their employees have been very professional in their work - well done.

We still need much needed funds to continue updating this 1906 building for the community and would ask that you keep on supporting us in our endeavours to raise the much needed funds.

Our grateful thanks also go to Northumberland Community Chest, Northumberland Freemasons and Bernard Sunlay Foundation Trust who very kindly gave us donations towards the funding to the Roof Appeal.  Thank you also to everyone who has come to support us in our efforts through out various fund raising activities.

Latest News - August 2017

I am pleased to announce that we have now appointed Bespoke Building Services NE Ltd to commence work on replacing the main slated roof at the Institute which should be started in September - We still need funds to be able to replace the asbestos corrugated roof to the main hall, so please continuing supporting us by dropping in at our coffee mornings and other events we are holding to raise much needed funds.  

Latest News - July 2017

I am pleased to inform our residents of Seghill that we have been successful in obtaining a number of grants towards the Raise the Roof Appeal we have been running.

£5,000 has been received from Northumberland Community Chest.

£10,000 cheque was received last Saturday 8th July from the Northumberland Freemasons when Rob our chairman and myself as secretary were invited to St James Park for their Tricentenary Dinner.

£10,000 has also been pledged by the Grant Agency.

It is now hoped that the main slated roof which has been leaking into the small hall work will start in replacing this roof in the autumn.  We have been obtaining quotations for the same. Look out for further information in the next few months.

Latest News - April 2017

Can I direct the residents of Seghill and surrounding area to our 'The Official Seghill Community Association Centre Facebook Page' which highlights activities that are hosted in the Centre only and no comments regarding Seghill village itself will be posted - as Trustees of the Community Centre we wish to promote a positive attitude and highlight the good work which goes on in the village to keep this vital building being part of the community.

Take a look at our What's on and New Events pages for all the activities which go on to encourage our residents to use the centre.

Please drop in at our Coffee mornings on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings  between 8.00am and 12.00 noon where you can have a cooked breakfast or tea/coffee.  There are also a variety of books which you can look at to purchase or loan for a small donation towards our 'raise the roof appeal'.  

We will be pleased to inform  you about the work we are doing to keep this building as part of the community and would welcome any help you can contribute towards the centre.

Your community centre is over 100 years old (built in 1906) and over the past few months has to undertake major building renovation.

The small hall was in urgent need of repair due to the wall plates and joists been eaten away by wood worm and dry rot and water ingress into the building due to there being no drains at the front of the building and water from the roofing which is in need of urgent repair.


In October Flooring International from Jarrow undertook the work to remove the old wooden flooring and repair and replace the wall plates and joists and then replace the wooden floor with vinyl industrial flooring. As you can see from the photo below, this has been a great success.

One of our major priorities for 2017 is to replace the two main roofs to the building.  

Priority One is to remove and replace the asbestos corrugated roofing which needs a specialist company and replace with roofing tiles similar to the front roof.  This will cost in the region of £40,000.

Priority Two will then also replace the main tiled roof as this is also letting water into the building.  This requires stripping of the existing slate roof and salvage all the good tiles, recover using a breathable under felt, treat counter battens etc., and replace the lead valleys - again this will cost approximately £48,000.

With this in mind we are trying to obtain grants to undertake the majority of the work and we have managed to obtain a grant from Northumberland Community Chest and we are also applying to other grant organisations for funding.

Look out for our fund raising Roof Appeal - our brownie pack are organising a mock up roof and you can support us by purchasing a 'brick' on which you can place your name and this will be displayed in the centre.

May I also thank the family who kindly donated a sum of money towards the appeal.  If anyone feels that you can help by donating funds towards this appeal, please make your cheque out to Seghill Colliery Institute and hand it in during our coffee mornings, every penny counts to make up the large amount of money we need to keep the centre waterproof.

Members of Seghill can help also by supporting the centre by coming along to our coffee mornings - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings - 8.00am - 12.00 noon - there is also a cooked breakfast available as well as tea and coffee.  There are also a variety of books to purchase or just relax and read them whilst enjoying your coffee.

There are other major works needing renovation - the floors in the entrance foyer, meeting room, corridor and kitchen and IT Suite also need replacing due to wood worm, dry rot and water ingress - this again needs to have grants and funds to be able to complete the work and your volunteer officers are endeavouring to obtain grants to allow us to complete the necessary work.

We have also identified that we will need to have new electric wiring, plasterwork and redecoration throughout the building, but of course this will all depend on the grants and money raised to enable us to complete the work on the building to keep this as part of the community.